Violence in Sport

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Causes of Violence in Players

  • Frustration - at a match official or teammates
  • Cheating / Rule Breaking - 'diving' or 'sledging' can lead to a reaction
  • Importance of a Result - passion / pressure to win - such as in a Derby Match
  • Provocation / Abuse - from opponents and/or crowd
  • Lack of Punishment - a bad challenge that isn't punished
  • Rivalry - Derby game / loyalty / media hype / racism etc
  • Potential 'weapons' - Sticks (e.g. Hockey) or Clubs
  • Nature of the Game - Tradition e.g. Ice Hockey or American Football
  • Kit or Equipment - de-humanises / protects - such as in American Football (pads)
  • Anger - Psychology and Emotions - such as Luis Suarez biting people
  • Drugs and Steriods / Drug Cheats

Possible Solutions

  • Change or adapt the rules
  • More severe punishment / bans - 10 match ban for Suarez / removal of teams or individuals from leagues or competitions
  • Education - Emphasis on fair play and being a Role Model to younger people. Also emphasise the harm that such violence can cause
  • Better qualified officials - deal with situations better
  • Technology - TMO…


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