1. What the nature of the Vietnam conflict was.

The nature of the Vietnam conflict was partially dependant on the Vietcong's tactics and how the US fought the war too. For instance, the Vietcong used guerrilla tactics which literally meant 'small war', and the US mainly fought a hi-tech war. There were very distinct differences between the USA and Vietnam, and how they fought the war. 

The Vietcong weren't nearly as wealthy as the USA so they had to fight the war in a completely juxtaposing way, however it turned out to be just as effective. Probably more so, because the Vietcong had the element of surprise. How did they have the element of surprise? The type of things that the Vietcong was to set booby traps and landmines as well as ambushing US patrols, and planting bombs in towns.  Due to the fact that North Vietnam wasn't a wealthy country, the Vietcong was supplied with rockets and weapons by China and Russia. This was called the Ho Chi


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