Via Negativa and Critcisms

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The Via Negativa (The Apohatic Way)

Scholars who support this

- St. John of the Cross

- Pseudo-Dionysius

- Maimonides (1135-1204) - Jewish Philosopher



- The Via Negativa is one way we can talk about God, but instead of saying what he is we can only say what he isn’t, because God is ineffable and transcendent.

- Using human language to describe God one anthromorphasises God which one should not.

- Dionysius says God is utterly transcendent totally ineffable, indescribable and incapable of being conceptualised by the human mind.

- “He is beyond assertion since he is the perfect and unique cause of all”

- “He is beyond denial y virtues of his ‘pre-eminently’ simply and absolute nature, free of every limitation, beyond ‘every limitation’

- “There is no speaking of it, no name, nor knowledge of


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