Venn diagrams and Cumulative frequency

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Venn diagrams

= a member of

=not a member of

Ø= empty set

n(a)=number of elements in set a

=objects that belong to set A and set B

=objects that belong to set A or set B

Cumulative frequency

The cumulative frequency is obtained by adding up the frequencies as you go along, to give a 'running total'

Drawing a cumulative frequency diagram

The table shows the lengths (in cm) of 32 cucumbers.

Before drawing the cumulative frequency diagram, we need to work out the cumulative frequencies. This is done by adding the frequencies in turn.


LengthFrequencyCumulative Frequency 21-24 3 3 25-28 7 10 (= 3 + 7) 29-32 12 22 (= 3…


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