Velocity-Time Graphs


Velocity, Speed, and Acceleration 

We use words like speed, constant speed, average speed and uniform acceleration to describe different types of motion.

The speed of an object does not require a direction to be considered, it simply has a value and unit, for example, 27ms-1

Velocity is a vector quantity that requires a value, unit, and direction, for example, 49 ms-1 to the left.

Speed-time graphs can be used to represent motions involving speed and uniform acceleration.

Velocity-time graphs can be used to represent the motion of objects traveling in a straight line, for example backward and forward, up and down, a positive and negative direction. 

Speed-time graphs

speed-time graphs are very useful when describing the movement of an object.

We can use them to determine whether or not the object is moving at any point in time. We can


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