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Your Immune System deals with Pathogens

  • Pathogens are micro-organisms that cause disease
  • There are 2 differrent white blood cells you need to know about: phagocytes and lymphocytes.

Phagocytes ingest Pathogens

  • Phagocytes detect things that are not suppose to be in you body.
  • They engulf the pathogens and then digest them.

Lymphocytes Produce Antibodies

  • Every pathogen has a unique molecule called antigens on it's surface.
  • Lymphocytes produce protiens called antibodies that can stop every pathogens with different antigens by making them.
  • They produce quite quickly
  • They produce memory cells so if that particular pathogen came again into your then the lymphocytes can kill them again with the same antibodies that they used before.


  • If a new pathogen comes into the body…


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