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INTERspecific variation = differences between different species (like internet - worldwide)

INTRAspecific variation = differences between the same species (like intranet - small group)

Interspecific Variation

  • Differences mainly due to DNA differences
  • Differences between species arise due to: the structure and sequence of genes in each organism and the way in which genes are expressed
  • A gene csn only have an impact on an organism if it is switched on and used to make a particular protein.

Intraspecific Variation

  • The genotype of an organism is the genetic make-up, the collection of alleles tat the organism has inherited from its parents. (one allele from each parent for each gene)
  • The phenotype of an organism of an organism is the collection of obsrvable features that it has e.g. colour of hair
  • Genotype + environment = phenotype


Taking measurements of individuals from the population that is…


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