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There are two types of variation:

Interspecific Variation - the variation that exists between different species

Intraspecifc Variation - the variation that exists bewteen individuals of the same species

Causes of Variation

Genetic Differences

    • due to the genes an organism possesses
      • different species may have different genes
      • members of the same species have the same genes but different alleles
    • the alleles of an organism make up its genotype
    • different genotypes result in variation of the phenotype

1. Mutations:

e.g. a change in the order of amino acids in a peptide chain

- this change may be passed on to the next generation

2. Meiosis:

e.g. the formation of gametes

- genetic material is mixed up before passing to the gametes to make sure they are all different.

3. Fusion of Gametes:

e.g. fertilisation

- which gametes fuse is random

- half the genetic material is from the mother, half from the…


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