Using Classroom Library

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The classroom library is set. The books are grouped by genre or author. The baskets are labeled. There are comfy cushions for the kids to sit on while reading. So what is next? The teacher must introduce the classroom library, teach procedures, and allow the students to spend time in the library.

Introducing the Classroom Library

Teachers should introduce the classroom library on the first day of school. This may be one of the first items on the schedule, so students may begin practicing procedures throughout the day. Begin by bringing the students over to the classroom library. Have the children share what they observe about the library. Show the students how the library is organized. Together, come up with some ground rules for the classroom library. Examples include putting books away, using quiet voices, reading quietly in the library, and taking care of books. Post the rules in the classroom library.

Students should spend ten minutes browsing books. With the students, create a poster about choosing books. Write for me: too easy, too hard, just right on the poster with room to fill in observations. Guide students into discussing how to tell if a book is too easy (easy words, a lot of pictures), too hard (big words, no pictures), and


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