Uses of EM waves-P6

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(notes taken from the CGP revision guides)

  • Radio Waves are used mainly for communications.
  • Radio waves and microwaves are good at transmitting information over long distances.
  • This is because they don't get absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere as much as most waves in the middle of the EM spectrum, or those at the high frequency end of the spectrum.
  • The radio waves used for TV and EM radio transmissions have very short wavelengths compared to most radio waves.
  • Microwaves used for mobile phone communications have very long wavelengths compared to most microwaves, but are still titchy compared to radio waves.
  • Microwaves are used for satellite communication.
  • Communication to and from satellites uses microwaves that can pass easily through the atmosphere.
  • For satellite TV, the signal from a transmitter is transmitted in to space, where its absorbed by the satellite receiver dish orbiting thousands of kilometres…


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