USA Population, Topography and government

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Demographics of the USA.

The population of the USA is around 300 million with around 30 people per square mile.


They have areas of genuine wilderness allowing for outdoor education and activity, but they also have urban areas that are fitting for games such as basketball and American football.

There is no areas of genuine wilderness in the UK, but there is sparsely populated areas suitable for outdoor education and recreation.


The USA has been dependent on train routes for its sport since late C19, as the country is too wide to be driving across in one day. They also have inter state air lines that are easily accessible.

The UK however is easier to drive around as it is much smaller. The invention of railways in C19 made organised sporting activity much easier.

Climate and Topography

Due to the vastness of the USA, it has may different climates and landscapes. This provides an opportunity for many different types of outdoor activity, and has also led to them being able to host…


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