USA at Home - Little Rock High School, 1957

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Intergration at Little Rock High School, Arkansas, 1957

What happened?

- Little Rock High School decided to allow 9 black students to enrol after the Brown v. Topeka case

- On 3rd September 1957 they tired to enrol but the state govenor, Oval Faubus, ordered the national guardsmen to block their entry because there were threats of public disorder.

- The following day, the national guards were removed, leaving the 9 students to face viscious crowds of 1000. At mid-day, the 9 were sent home under police guards as their safety could not be guaranteed.

- President Eisenhower had to act. He took control of the national guard, and used them and federal troops to protect the Little Rock 9 for the rest of the school year.

Why was Little Rock significant?

  • It involved the president, thus demonstrating that civil rights was an issue that could no longer be ignored.
  • It demonstrated thats states would be overruled by the Federal government when necessary.
  • Many US


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