Unstable Republic: the evidence

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Unstable reppublic: the evidence

For the first five years the German Republic had to fight its life. It faced polical enemies at home, a desperate financial situation, and open hostility from the French.

The spartacist revolt 1919 :

The spartacists were german communists who aimed to build a soviet germany in allience with soviet Russi. Thier leaders were Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht.From 5-11 january 1919/ the spartacists fought to sieze control of germany in an armed uprising, to combat this threat the government encouraged the formation of Frikorps( anti communist volunteer units) and turned them loose on the communists. The poorly organised spartacists were crushed during bloody street battles in berlin. on 15 january friekorps soilders murdered Rosa luxemburg and karl leibknecht. 

Revolution in Bavaria 1918-19:

In  November 1918 left wing extremists siezed control of Bavaria and set up a socialist republic. Thier leader Kurt Eisner was assasinated in Febaury 1919 and Bavaria was taken over by the German Communist party…


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