Unrelated Incidents

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Unrelated Incidents-Tom Leonard 

The poem is very comedic which explores class, education as well as nationality. It is written phonetically in the style that a Glaswegian may converse. 

The main concept of the poem is the poet imagining a Scottish BBC newsreader explaining live why he doesn't talk like this. This is irony because as he is talking about this happening it is actually happening. 

The standard BBC newsreaders are normally:

  • Speak with received pronunciation
  • Have non regional accents 

The opening lines "This is thi six a clock news" would be a familiar language to the human ear, but not necessarily a familiar variation of the language. 

When the poet says
"thi reason a talk wia BBC accent iz coz yi.."
It is irony because he is actually not speaking in the conventional BBC


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