Uniting the remainder of Italy

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  • although the Kingdom of Italy had been proclaimed, there were still some issues when people thought of Italy as united
  • firstly, Italy was not actually geographically united - two states were not part of Italy yet
  • there was dissatisfaction amongst the southern states
  • the Pope was causing problems for Catholics as he denounced the Kingdom of Italy
  • there were, however, a couple of good things that came out

Some positives:

  • the government introduced a new law, similar to Code Napoleon
  • there was now a fully unified system for education
  • armies of Piedmont, Naples and leftovers from Garibaldi's red shirts joined as once force - demonstrating unity

Now for the ISSUES:

The south:

  • the vast majority of adults were illiterate
  • Naples and Sicily were very backwards
  • taxes increased greatly so people couldn't afford to live
  • 25,000 men fled to the mountains and woods to escape being enrolled in the army
  • people turned to a life of crime as they couldn't afford anything
  • the Maffia actually began around this time, causing general unrest
  • life was complicated further due to the hard-to-understand new law system
  • people became part of the underclass because they couldn't find work
  • people lived as bandits hunting…


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