Unit One

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Counter Argument - Additional argument counter to the writer's conclusion.

Counter Assertion - Just a reason of a counter argument and the reason supports the opponent's argument.

Hypothetical Claim - if this, then that, prediction

Hypothetical Reasoning - Claim used as a reason to support the conclusion.

Assumption - unstated part of an argument

Claim - a statement or judgement that can be challenged

Conclusion - statement of something you want the reader to accept based on the given reasons.

Evidence - soemthing that is used to develop or support a reason. It's often in the form of numerical data, an estimate or a factual claim

Example - something that is used as evidence as it is characteristic of the same kind of things or illustrates a principle

Fact - information tht can be verified and that is held to be true

Factual claim - A statement/judgement based on information that can be verified and that his held to be true, ie. facts

Corroboration - confirmation of, support for, evidence given…


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