Unit 7 - The condition of monasticism in England 1530

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1530 - The condition of monasticism in England

  • At least 825 religious houses in England and Wales
  • 502 monk houses, 136 nunneries and 187 friaries
  • Some houses closed, occupents spent their time in the confines of their abbey or nunnery
  • Monks included Benedictines, Carthusians and Cistercians
  • Urban-based open houses, in these friaries the inhibitants could carry out good work away from chaos (hospitals etc)
  • Monks and nuns devoted their life to prayer for souls of their founders
  • Took vows of property, chastity and obedience 
  • Contact and communication with local communities varied with regions but most people knew of their local monastic institution and may have had some physical/spiritual connection with it
  • There was little opposition towards monastic houses during


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