Unit 3: Women and Faith (Summary)

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Churches and women:

- 1991: In Britain and Northern Ireland, 2/3 of frequent (Christian) church attenders were women

- 1992: After considerable pressure, the Church of England decided to ordain women, although they still cannot be bishops. Roman Catholic church still opposes women priests.

Sects and women:

- Weber saw that it gives women power and status.

- In C.19th, several sects were initiated by women, i.e. Ellen White and the Seventh Day Adventists, Ann Lee founded the Shakers and the Fox sisters began the Spiritualist movement.

New Age and women:

- Bruce argues that it divides along gender lines as men are more attracted to parapyschology and esoteric knowledge wheras women are more interested in healing, alternative therapies and spirituality.

Women and Islam:

- Western view of women under Islam tends to be stereotypical or prejudicial.

- Many Islamic scholars see Islam as egalitarian.

- Butler: Found approval from young Moslem women for their faith, specifially as a defining point for identity, but concern was expressed over patriarchal attitudes within the Islamic…


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