Unit 3: Role of Religion in Society (Does Religion Promote or inhibit change?) Summary

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Fundamentalist Religious Movements/ Fundamentalism

- Challenges progress and refers its followers back to the original scriptures.

- Reasserts traditional religious and moral teachings and values.

- They are against changes that have taken place within their religion which has had the impact of liberalizing or modernizing their religion.

- About a retrieval of their traditional faith and to reverse innovations.

- These movements have often used political means to further their cause.7

- It is a Conservative force, however it does promote change to go back to traditional values. ^Retrograde

Theocratic Fundamentalism

a) Islamic Fundamentalism:

- 1979 Iranian Revolution was hijacked by Islamic fundamentalists and Ayatollah Khomeini reversed all of the reforms and changes implemented by the last Shah (reversed the introduction…


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