Unit 3: How Religion Has Contributed To Social Conflict

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- Throughout the world, there are many different types of religions- they all have their own rules, beliefs and guidelines on how to live your life. Naturally, many religions are in conflict of each other because they believe other things.

- For instance, where one religion may allow drinking in moderation, or homosexuality and artificial contraception, other religions may condemn all three as completely immoral, wrong and a sin. Where one religion may allow women to roam around freely, to have their own careers, to wear what they want and to participate fully in all aspects of life, other religions may be thoroughly repressive, disallowing women to have jobs to provide for their family, to express political opinions, even to wear makeup.

There are many examples of how religion has contributed to social conflict which can be widely discussed in depth. It is because of this disunity and war between conflicting religions that atheists such as Dawkins would argue that religion is responsible for immorality. War coupled with extreme cases of terrorism and extreme beliefs contributes to the secularisation of societies, of the rising scepticism of god’s existence.

- At one point, the entire world was religious- now the figure lies at 16% of the world being atheist- a figure that is still rising. One of the reasons for this is the social conflict that religion contributes to.

The Jewish religion has, historically, been one of the most persecuted religions of all time. They are blamed for the death of Jesus, because in the story of the Bible they asked Pilate to crucify Christ believing that he was a false prophet. During Ferdinand and Isabella’s campaign as King and Queen of Spain in 1492, they attempted to expel all Jews and Muslims from their country, believing that the only way to have peace in states that made up Spain (at this time known as the Iberian Peninsula) was to have states that were entirely Christian. The Spanish inquisition was a famous way of maintaining Jews that have forcefully been converted to Christianity so that they can stay in their




Hey could you also talk about the New Christian Right and American Civil Rights ?

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