Unit 3: Gender and Religiosity (Summary)

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While the priesthoods of most religions are male, more women than men participate in religious activities and believe in God.

Miller and Hoffman: women express a greater interest in religion, have a stronger personal commitment to it and attend church more.

Bruce: estimates that there are nearly twice as many women as men involved in sects.

- these differences may be connected to the differences in the way men and women see God- as the God of power and control or as the God of love and forgiveness.

Three reasons have been put forward to account for the relatively high participation levels of women in comparison to men:

a) Socialization and gender role:

M + H: women are socialised to be more passive, obedient and caring which are valued by most religions.

- women also have more scope for religious activities due to fewer work commitments and that men are more attracted to the church as a…


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