Unit 3: Ethnicity and Religiosity (Summary)

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The UK today is a multicultural, multi-religious society. Within the UK, there are clear ethnic patterns in religious participation.

- Muslims, Hindues and black Christians are considerably more likely than white Christians to see religion as important.

- Among Christians, blacks are more likely than whites to be found in the Pentecostal churches (they make up 40% of the membership)

Modood et al found some decline in the importance of religion for all ethnic groups and that fewer were observant, especially amoong the second generation.

Several reasons for the ethnic differences have been suggested:

- Most ethnic minorities originate from poorer countries with traditional cultures, both of which produce higher levels of religious beliefs and practice. On arrival in the UK, they and their children maintain the pattern they brought with them.

However this disregards the impact of their experience as immigrants and minorites in a…


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