Unit 3: A spiritual revolution? (Summary)

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Some sociologists argue that a spiritual revolution is taking place in which traditional Christianity is giving way to 'holistic spirituality' or New Age beliefs and practices that emphasise personal development and subjective experience.

- Growth of a 'spiritual market' -> books on self-help and spirituality, practitioners, courses and 'therapies', meditation to crystal healing.

Contrasts between Religion and spirituality


- Life as duty

- Self-sacrifice

- Deference

- Conforming with external authority

- Family life: traditional values and discipline

- Employment: service to an organisation

- Future of religion: out of step and losing ground


- Life as discovery

- Personal development

- Autonomy

- Connecting with your inner self 

- Family life: emotional bonds and self-expression

- Employment: professional growth

- Future of spirituality: gorwing and gaining ground.

Heelas and Woodward (study of Kendal in Cumbria…


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