Unit 1- Nature vs Nurture Debate

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nature vs nurture debate

nature is that which is inherited or genetic (1) and nurture is how we are brought up in our certain environment, including our personal experiences in life.

those who believe that human growth, development and health are all affected by only our inheritance and genetics are known as nativists. they believe that an individual's personal genetic code is what makes them who they are and influences them into who they grow up to be. although some characteristics, mental abilities and personal attributes, at birth are unrecognisable, nativists put this development down to maturity in life as they believe that these characteristics were "wired in" before we were even born (1).

in contrast, those who strongly believe that nurture is what affects development in life are known as empiricists. the complete opposite view of genetic influence is that empiricists believe that once born into the…




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