unit 1 edexcel electricity

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  Current Current is the rate of flow of charge Coulomb is the unit Can be measeured using an amiter Potential difference Also called voltage  p.d. Energy converted per unit charge moved Volts is the unit Resistance If you put a p.d. across an electrical component a current will flow The amount of current yu get depends on the resistance Resistance is measured by an ohmiter Ohms is the unit Resistance is how difficult it is for a current to flow ohmic conductor R is a constant Ohms law.... current would change as the applied potential difference increased for certain types of conductor Provided the temperature is constant, the current through an ohmic conductor is directly proportional to the potential difference across it. I-V characteristics Directly proportional for a metallic structure Curve for a filament lamp Diodes only flow in one direction A curve shows the resistance is changing Resistance of a thermistor depends on temperature Resistance


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