Unit 1.1 Topic 3

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Electron Microscopes And Cells Details.

Light microscopes have a low resolution, meaning that the image isn't clear if the magnification is above x1500. However, we can achieve higher resolution with an electron microscope.

  • Electron microscopes generate a beam of electrons.
  • A beam of electrons has a wavelength of 0.004nm, 100000 times shorter than a light wavelength.
  • Electron microscopes can distinguish between objects 0.2nm apart.
  • Electrons are not visible to the human eye, so the image produced form an electron beam is projected onto a screen or onto photographic paper the make a black and white image. Such images are called electron micrograph.
  • The resolution of an electron microscope is about 500000 times greater than that of the human eye.

There are two types of electron microscopes, Transmission Electron Microscope, (TEM) and Scanning Electron Microscope, (SEM).

With Transmission Electron Microscope…




this is unit 2 not 1

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