UNIT 11 r.s

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Unit 11


al-Qadr- Allah's control of future events.

creativity- the action of creating the universe by Axxxx.

din- a way of life(the belief & practice in Islam)

ibadah- all acts of worship/any permissable action performed to obey Axxxx

iman- faith in Axxxx

Islam- peace gained through submission to Axxxx

khalifah- custodian/steward of the world for Axxxx

muslim- one who has submitted to Axxxx by accepting islam.

qur'an- that which is read or recited/the holy book of islam

risalah- muslim beliefs about the prophets of Axxxx

shirk-  the sin of regarding anything as an equal or partner of Axxxx

tawhid-the oneness of Axxxx


authority- the power and right to make demands of others.

bismillah-the words which begin every surah

hadith- sayings of prophet Muhammad as recorded


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