Unit 1

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Warm up

Difference between the 'mobility' and 'dynamic movement' parts of a warm up:

Mobility- exercises that take the joints through their full range of movement (ROM) or moving joints around their full motion. For example, hip circles.

Dynamic movement- changing speed and direction. Eg, zig zag running, shuttle runs. 

Back/shoudler/pelvis conditions

Scoliosis– A visibly curved spine / ‘S’ or ‘C’ shape / one shoulder higher than the other

Lordosis– Forward/inward curving of the lower back/spine (so that stomach sticks out)

Kyphosis– Forward / inward curvature/ hunched / rounded at the top/upper back/spine

Pelvic tilt– One side of the pelvis / hips is higher than the other side / hips not level or pelvis angled forward and back (compared to normal) or one side of the pelvis higher than the other


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