Unification process: Aquisition of Lombardy

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Plombieres meeting:

  • it was kept very secret, only a few people knew about it, even France's foreign minister was unaware
  • Louis Napoleon said he would support Piedmont with all of his power in a war with Austria
    BUT only if Austria was the aggressor
  • unless the war seemed reasonable to Europe's leaders, Austria may find allies
  • Piedmont's ideal situation would be that Austria could be manoeuvred into declaring war (which is what eventually happened)
  • the two men were unable to find and excuse that would be acceptable for France and Piedmont to declare war on Austria
    INSTEAD they focused on a future Austria-free Italy
  • the terms of this agreement were as followed: in return for the support of 200,000 French troops, Napoleon demanded Savoy and Nice…


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