Ultradian Rhythms

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Ultradian Rhythms are rhythms that occur more than once a day.

An example of an ultradian rhythm is the stages of sleep. 

Research relating to Ultradian Rhythms 

EEGs measure brain activity or brain waves. these have been used to distringuish the stages and cycles of sleep. Through this we have learned that sleep is composed of several reptitive cycles each lasting about 90 minutes. 

Dement and Kleitman were able to wake participiants during each of the stage sfo sleep. they asked the participants to report their feelings, experience and emotions. they found that people awaked durign REM sleep reported dreams 80- 90% of the time, the dreams were recalled in great detail. 

Dement and Wolpert used the same technique to find that all humans dream and that people who don't…


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