UKYP Youth Parliment is run by young people for young people

Formed in 2000, the parliament now consists of around 600 members, who are elected to represent the views of Young People in their area to government and service providers. Over 500,000 young people vote in the elections each year, which are held in at least 90% of constituencies. It is currently managed by the British Youth Council.

Members meet regularly to hold debates and plan campaigns, in Local Authority Groups, Region and national groups.

Every Local group runs differently and has different amount of MYP's and different amount of Deputies.

Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) represents the views and needs of all young people in their area to government, service providers and decision makers locally, regionally and nationally.

A Deputy Member of Youth Parliament is elected for each MYP position. Deputies work with and support their Member of Youth Parliament locally and regionally, but are not entitled to attend the Annual Sitting or other national events.

The Annual Sitting is the parliament's main yearly…


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