UK Constitution


The UK doesn't have a codified (written) constitution, but the US does

Nature of the UK Constitution:

  • Uncodified - no single legal document
  • Unetrenched - there is no specific porcedure for amendments in the constitution
  • unitary - sovereignty is traditionally located at the centre of parts of the country

Parliamentary sovereignty - parliament can make a law on any subject e.g. legalising abortion and homosexuality. Parliament has their right to amend any acts passed by previous parliaments. UK supreme court can interpret legislation but not overtun an act of parliament.

Rule of Law - AV Dicey argues that there are certain unwritten principles which tanscend any law passed by a particular parliament. Rule of law is important because it acts as a check on parliamentary sovereignty which could take away peopl'e liberties.

AV Dicey key features of the 'rule of law':

  • rights of individuals are determined by legal rules
  • no punishment unless a court decides there has been
  • everyone is sibject to the law

Magna Carta -  stated…


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