Typhoon Haiyan- why was it so strong?

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Formation of Typhoons:

For typhoons to form, they need warm, deep water ( +26.5 degrees and + 70m depth) and sufficient spin from the earths rotation (coriliois force), which explains they come from between 5-20 north and south of the equator (ITCZ.) The warm water means that there is massive evaporation from the sea surface, and as the air rises , it cools, condenses, releases latent heat and forms huge thunderclouds.  The heat from below causes further vertical growth and development of intense low pressure occurs.

All typhoons begin with a coalescing of several storms on the eastern side of an ocean. A major cell of low pressure develops and as winds get drawn in, the whole system begins to spin anticlockwise and westwards. They rotate around a central eye, where cold air…


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