Types of Rhyme and Other Poetic Devices

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Full Rhyme: the identity of the last stressed vowel and all following sounds of two or more words or phrases. (fish/dish, smiling/filing, hounded/pounded, sing/wing)

Rime Riche: full rhyme + one or more sounds preceding the last stressed vowel (catfish/cat-dish, designing/resigning)

There are two types of Half Rhyme.

Pararhyme: the last stressed vowels differ, but the following sounds are identical (fish/dash, hard/round, chat/spit, teeth/death, renew/snow)

Consonance: The close repetition of identical consonant sounds before and after different vowels (slip/slop, creak/croak, crash/crush)

~Other techniques

Sybillance: the repetition of the


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