Types of Physical Activity

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Physical Recreation:

Physical activity which takes place in a recreational environment and emphasises participation and enjoyment rather than winning

When? -  Decided by participants in free time

Who? -  To all who choose, Amateurs

Where? - Decided by participants

How? - Unsophisticated level, Limited competition, limited funding, limited skill or fitness

Benefits? – learn skills, health and well-being, stress relief, relaxation, meet new people, enjoyment

Outdoor recreation:

Physical activity which take place in the natural environment which are perused for a variety of reasons and benefits

            Appreciation of the natural environment

  • Natural landscape of the UK is beautiful with ideal surroundings for recreation
  • We get to see, feel, smell and hear things that are way outside our normal day-to-day life
  • Can be a spiritual experience- a time when we tune into our inner selves, thoughts and feelings 

Respect for the natural environment

  • Having being moved by it, we are likely to value and preserve the natural environments uniqueness for others
  • We may feel concerned about issues such as conservation and pollution
  • Some places are already suffering disturbances due to an increased number of visitors rambling or mountain biking

Gaining a sense of adventure and perhaps risk

  • Natural environment can be unpredictable
  • E.g. weather can change suddenly, tides can be erratic and rocks fall can make paths uneven and unpredictable
  • These should be avoided at all costs by using common sense and by abiding to


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