Types of Physical Activity


Physical Activity

Definition - teaching / learning / studying a skills / activity / sports / exercise or benefits / values


  • Clear philosophy
  • Provides opportunity - disability, race, gender etc
  • Involves a variety of students
  • Develops social attributes
  • Teaches etiquette
  • Dynamic Curriculum
  • Encourages learning - such as rules and laws
  • Adaptable / Adaptive curriculum
  • Sense of Fair Play


  • Learn about the body and how it functions in ways it does
  • Physical benefits or skills - such as learning to play volleyball, which is something you may not have learnt otherwise
  • Preparation for leisure / sport / career / work - such as becoming a PE Teacher
  • Confidence
  • Esteem
  • Development e.g. learning something new

Physical Recreation

Definition - Where the activity requires the individual to expend a reasonable amount of energy, also known as Active Leisure.           'Sport for All'

Recreation - Any activity, either individual or collective, which is pursued during one's leisure time


  • Freedom and Free-time - such as a 'kickabout' with some friends
  • Self-expression
  • Satisfaction
  • Quality of Experience
  • No pressure / obligations to take part
  • Range of activities
  • Experience and Development


  • Contributes to a full, meaningful life
  • Stress Management
  • Source of self-esteem
  • Gives satisfaction
  • Builds stronger communities
  • Mental enjoyment
  • Ethnic and Cultural harmony
  • Foundations for community pride / unity
  • Leisure Services build community spirit, as well as economy

Outdoor Education

Definition - Experimental learning in, for or about, the outdoors (natural environment)


  • Leadership
  • Putting trust in others
  • Assessing…


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