Types of conformity and explanations for conformity

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Conformity was introduced by Kelman(1958) who proposed the three types of conformity:


  • Compliance.
    People may go along with the group in order to gain their approval, avoiding disproval.  When exposed to the views or actions of the majority, individuals may engage in a process of social comparison, concentrating on what other people may ay and adjust their own opinion to fit in with others views.  To fit in is seen as a desirable thing, motivating conformity.  However compliance doesn't change the attitude of the person, just what they say in public gets affected.
  • Internalisation
    When exposed to the views of other members of a group, individuals are encouraged in a validation process, examining their own beliefs to see if the others are right.  Close examination may convince the individual that what they are saying is wrong and the others are right.  This leads to acceptance of the group's point of view both in private and in public.
  • Identification


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