Types of Conformity and Explanations for Conformity

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Social Influence:

Types of Conformity and Explanations for Conformity:-

Our social lives are charaterised by many social influences (some we are aware of/some we aren't. An individual is said to conform if they choose a course of action that is favoured by the majority of the group.

Social proof: The Power of Influence - Social proof is a psychological phenomenon in which people accept that the actions of others dictate the appropraite behaviour in a given situation, it allows us to make descisions quickly based on the actions of the people around us. Milgram social proof (1969), he placed a person  on a busy street corner in NYC and asked them to stare at a random point on a tall building, they then counted how many passers by stopped and looked up. The data collected was a clear demonstration of social proofing; when there was just one person looking up at the builiding, only 20% of passers by stopped, but with 5 people this increased to 80%.

Types of conformity:

Kelman (1958) proposed 3 types of conformity - each type has a particular set of motivationg conditions that leads to a conforming response.

  •  Compliance - individuals go along with the geroup to gain their approval/aviod disapproval. When exposed to…


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