Types of Conformity

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Compliance is going along with things even if you disagree with them

This is done to appear normal - going against the group may have a negative impact. This is called normative social influence.

Internalisation means accepting the majority's views as your own

This may happen in an unfamiliar situation, where correct behaviour has not been established with you therefore you look to others on how to behave. This is called informational social influence. 

Asch - Conformmity on an unambiguous task

Method: Laboratory experiment with an independent groups design. In groups of 8, participants judged line lengths by saying out loud which comparison line matched the standard line. Each group contained only one real participant. The real participant always went last or last to one so that they heard the other's answers. Each participant did 18 trials. On 12 of these (critical trials) the confederates all gave the same wrong answer. There was also a control group where the line lengths were judged in isolation. 

Results: In the control trials, participants gave the wrong answer 0.7% of the time. In the critical trials, participants conformed to the majority 37% of the time. 75% conformed at least once. Afterwards, participants stated they didn't believe they're answers, but didn't want to look different. (normative)

Conclusion: The control condition showed the task was easy to get


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