Type of flour

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Flour is a product obtained by grinding grain into a powdery mass. It happens of different types, grades, classes. They make flour from a wide variety of crops. Each particular type of flour has its own technical features and purpose. Varieties of flour by type of grinding Any type of flour, regardless of which agricultural product was used for the manufacture, is made by a specific method. There are three types of flour grinding in total. Fine grinding - flour, which is made from grains previously cleaned from all shells. This type of flour is most often used in cooking. It is suitable for making delicious, home-made bread, sweet and pastry, various types of pasta, etc. Wheat flour Interesting! Flour is the only product in the world that people of all races, cultures and religions consume! Medium grinding is obtained from grain that has a shell. This product is much more beneficial for the body, but it is usually not used in cooking, because it is difficult to work with this flour and even more so make delicious pastries or pasta! Coarse grinding - this kind of flour is called wallpaper or whole grain. It contains all those components that have a simple grain. For the body, it is most recommended, it has a lot of nutrients, vitamins, minerals. Outwardly, it resembles a crushed, whole grain. Types of flour Read also these articles How many grams are in a tablespoon The best varieties of onions, how to grow and care properly Growing Brussels sprouts. Flanders rabbits. Rye flour. A huge variety of different types of flour are on sale. Wheat - the most popular species. The sale goes 1, 2, the highest grade of this product,


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