Turn of The Screw AS most important quotes

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James ‘a poor little pot-oiling story of nothing at all’



·       ‘vile predecessor’

·       ‘indescribable grand melancholy of indifference and detachment’



·        ‘heroism’

·        ‘whites of his beautiful eyes and the uncovering of his clear teeth

·       ‘room full of… last century’s fiction’

·       ‘flora at peace’

·        ‘where is Miss Jessel?’ – NOT GOTHIC

·       Stoll = Long literary tradition of genuine ghosts that are visible to some and not others eg: ghost of banquo is invisible to all but Macbeth (not direct quote)

·       Governess kills spirit of children so she can run household like Macbeth

·       Ambition over rides logic just like governess’ ‘obsession’ to be a ‘heroine’



·       ‘loneliness’

·        ‘small smothered life’

·       ‘first time.. I had known... freedom’

·       ‘an unknown man is a permitted object of fear’

·       ‘my untraveled eyes’

·        ‘Serious duties and little company’

·        ‘most agreeable woman I’ve ever known in her position’

·       no its not repression because heilman says ‘we are [openly] told she is in love with him’

·       Osborn Andreas ‘governess’s emotional cannibalism’


Phallic imagery

·       ‘very erect’

·       ‘hard’

·       ‘a little hole that had evidently suggested to her the idea of sticking in another fragment’

·       ‘short thick oars’


Unreliable narrator

·       ‘Strangely at the helm’

·       ‘I scarce know how to put my story into words’

·       ‘the more I go over it the more I see in it’

·       ‘brush of the sponge’

·        ‘our not seeing is the strongest of proofs’

·       ‘ghosts are not real ghosts.. merely the governess’s hallucinations’  WILSON

·       ‘first appearance of quint interrupts her romantic daydreams’ WILSON



·       ‘large clean suacepan’

·       ‘receptacle


Zai Has


Hi, thanks for the quotations but I was wondering if you've got page references to the above quotes? Can you add those onto these quotes?




sorry this is so late - unfortunatley i have now stopped studying this book but honestly ive never had to use page references but you could always use google books to find them?



Hey, Thanks so much for this.

I just wanted to ask what is the 'Yellow Wallpaper' stuff about? I'm so confused.

Please get back in touch, Many thanks

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