True Greatness (Mark's Gospel)

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How the costs of discipleship are shown in true greatness:

- 2000 years ago children had no status and were often disregarded. Through saying "whoever welcomes...children, welcomes me" Jesus is effectively saying to his disciples that children are more important, and in treating them with respect is treating Jesus equally to them. This would have been difficult for any adult to accept for it would require a change in attitude to the one already possessed (at the time, and in some cases, today)

- The disciples argue about greatness, Jesus' response to them "whoever wants to be first must place himself last", show that they not only have to give up any status or "worldly greatness" they once had, but that they must also give up all ambition of greatness.

- A disciple will be expected to care for, and love, everyone, no matter what they have done previously or who they are. Statuses and previous statuses should be disregarded and in Jesus' eyes, are completely irrelevant. As a follower of Jesus this may be problematic as it demands a change in attitude towards oneself.

-  In order to be a disciple of Jesus, the disciples must learn what it means to be Jesus' follower from…


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