Tropical Rainforest Management

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Explain how rainforests are being managed.

In Ecuador, oil extraction has been damaging the rainforest and harming the local people. To help prevent further impacts and to reduce the effects of previous actions, Texaco is giving $40 million to clear up 160 of 600 waste pits that they created. This will mean that the amount of contaminated water seeping into the soil and rivers will be less, therefore reducing the risk of health problems in local tribes such as the Huaroni, who suffer from miscarriages and stomach cancer. It will also mean that the periwinkle plant is more likely to survive because the soil is less polluted.

Also, Maxus energy have agreed to build an underground pipeline in Yasuni National park because this will have less of an environmental impact. Furthermore, they are investing $60 million in environmental protection because this will


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