Tropical equatorial rainforest

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Main characteristics of the biome

-Hot all year round (equatorial - on the equator which is where suns rays are most concentrated and with less atmosphere to get through, less heat is lost) -Wet all year round (moisture from the ground evaporates in the heat, storm clouds form and it rains heavily at midday)

-Very deep soil (Gains nutrients from rock beneath it)

-Excess water moving through the soil takes away nutrients (leaching) iron and aluminium compounds are left (red soil is left)

-Rainforests have layered vegetation -

Tallest = emergents (50 - 60m)

Canopy = ceiling of leaves and branches (30 -40m)

Understorey = Multiple different sized trees below the canopy

Shrub layer = Shrubby plants (1-6m above


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