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The purpose of a tribunal is to provide      quick and cheap justice and to enforce rights granted through social welfare legislation      . There is a tribunal judge and in some cases, two lay experts (common in employment tribunals) There is two type of tribunals: In house and administrative. This is under the TRIBUNAL COURT & ENFORCEMENT ACT 2007.

In house tribunals

Used within professional bodies to discpline or resolve a problem between professionals. E.g Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunals. 

In these tribunals, individuals are encourages to bring their own cases. There is no fee unless it is an emploment tribunal. In these tribunals:

- Theyre not strict on evidence

- Not strict on precedence 

- Private (except for employment tribunals)

- limited appeals (Straight forward appeals are limited, normally by judicial review - E.g RIDGE V BALDWIN. Decision was made without hearing


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