Trends in Energy Resources Use

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The Aim is to Increase Renewable Energy Use

We are trying to increase our use of renewable energy resources (the UK aims to use renewable resources to provide 15 of its total yearly energy by 2020). This move towards renewable energy resources has been triggered by many things:

1) We now know that burning fossil fuels is very damaging to the environment. This makes many people want to use more renewable energy resources that affect the environment less

2) People and governments are also becoming increasingly aware that non-renewables will run out one day. Many people think it's better to learn to get by without non-renewables before this happens

3) Pressure from other countries and the public has meant that governments have begun to introduce targets for using renewable resources. This in turn puts pressure on energy providers to build new power pants that use renewable resources to make sure they do not lose business and money

4) Car companies have also been affected by this change in attitue towards the environment. Electric cars and hybrids (cars powered by two fuel, e.g. petrol and electricity) are already on the market and their popularity…


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