Treaty of Versailles


The Treaty of Versailles

The terms of the treaty


  • germany had to accept full responsibility for the war, this was article 231 of the treaty, know as the 'war guilt clause'


  • germany had to pay for all damage done during the war
  • these rearations were set as £6,600 million, this could be also be paid in goods (coal)


  • the German navy was to be restricted to 6 small battle ships, 6 cruisers and 12 destroyers. no submaries were allowed
  • germany was forbidden from having an air force
  • the army could be no more than 100,000 men, conscription was banned, as were tanks and heavy guns
  • the Rhineland became a demilitarized zone
  • the Saar was given to France
  • an "Anshluss" with Austria was forbidden


  • a League of Nations was created

What Germany had to lose

  • Alsace Lorraine was returned to France
  • the "Polish corridor" was created to give Poland access to the sea
  • german colonies were taken away and ruled as mandates by the League of Nations
  • 12.5% of its population
  • 16% of its coalfields

Other treaties of the time

Treaty of St Germain (1919) - dealt with Austria

  • separated Austria from Hungary
  • confirmed that Austria was no longer a leading power
  • Austria lost Galicia to Poland and land to Italy
  • army was restricted to 30,000
  • forbidden to ever unite with Germany

Treaty of Sèvres (1920) - dealt with Turkey

  • lost territory 
    • Smyrna to Greece
    • Syria became a mandate under French control
  • many


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