Treatments of biological approach and evaluation of them

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--> Dopamine - A pleasure neurotransmitter that excessive activity is linked to schizophrenia
--> Seratonin - Depression is linked with decreased availability. It is a calming transmitter
(A neurotransmitter are chemicals that transmit nerve impulses from one cell to the next)

How drugs work...
The main treatment is for mental disorders. Based on assumption that chemical imbalance is the root of the problem
*Anti-anxiety drugs - inhibits the nervous system, causing muscles to relax
*Anti-depressant drugs - Improve moods by increasing the availability of neurotransmitters, e.g, seratonin
*Anti-psychotic drugs - Sedate and alleviate symptoms, e.g hallucinations. Disorders such as schizophrenia

Efficiacy - Effective in relieving symptoms of mental disorders in many but not all people
Side effects - Drugs may have side effects considered worse than the original disorder
Treating symptoms - Hewstone 2005 said that drugs do not cure the problem as symptoms reoccur once medication is ceased
Ethical issues…


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