Treatments for behavioural approach and evaluation of them

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Uses reverse conditioning and aims to replace a fear to a situation or object by replacing it with a healthier response to the situation/object that's imcompatible with the undesivable response.

>Relaxation> typically systematic desensitization starts with teaching an individual muscle, relaxation techniques
>Hierachy/anxiety provoking situations> Individual starts tp imagine what arouses least anxiety gradually to most anxiety
>Reciprocal inhibition> Two imcompatible emotions cant exist at once, e.g, relaxed/anxiety. Relaxing techniques practised and works through anxiety of hierachy. If anxiety appears the clients session is stopped until theyre fully relaxed again. After a number of sessions the client will deal with difficult staged in the hierachy alot better
>Complete treatment> Treatment ends when the client is desensitized (able to work through the entire hierachy wihtout anxiety)
>In vivo and invitro> Can be carried out through imagined situations (in vitro) or in real life (in vivo) e.g the case with Jones with the boy with the rabbit. Client is oftenly advised to place themselves in…


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