Treatment of minority groups


The Nazis beleived that the Jews were members mof an inferior race, true germans were the master race destined to rule over other races.They thought it was there duty to persecute. 

- hitler had made his racial view very ckear, these appeared in Mein Kampf as well as in many speeches and pamplets. 

The Jews were accused of joining the Communists to cause Germany's defeat in WW1.when Hitler came to power in 1933, there was only half a million Jews in Germany, less than 1% of the total population.

Hitler had no organised policy to begin with, but sone extrenists in the Nazi party encouraged actions against jews.

  • April 1933- Offical one day bouycott of Jewish shops, lawyers and doctors throughout Germany. Then members of the SA stood outside shops and physically prevented custobers entering. 
  • 1934- Anti-Jewish propaganda increased. 
  • September 1935- The Nuremburd Laws provided legal restrictions on Jews:

1. The Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honour banned marriages between Jews and Aryans, and banned sexual relations outside marriage. 

2. The Reich Citizenship Law made Jews 'subjects' rather than 'citizens', and this meant that Jews lost some legal rights. 

  • 1936- There was a pause


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This set of notes deals with treatment of Jewish people and other 'undesirables' in the Nazi viewpoint. Use this as a starting point but make sure you deal with all the groups that were persecuted in your revision.